Best Punjabi Dance Group in Jalnadhar Amritsar

Best Punjabi Dance Group in Amritsar

Amritsar is a historical city, which has been the center for many empires. It is one of the holiest places for Sikhs and hosts a rich culture and tradition. The best Punjabi Dance Group in Amritsar is called "Nachè Jalandhar." Nachè Jalandhar has made it to the top three by winning many accolades. They have also been nominated for "Best Punjabi Dance Group" award in the prestigious list of awards - “Punjabi Music Awards 2018”. Nachè Jalandhar consists of ten dancers who specialize in different forms of dance like Bhangra, Folk, and Contemporary.
The Best Punjabi Dance Group in Jalandhar has been the talk of the town with their new dance music which is a fusion of Indian and Western tunes. They are also into other genres of music like Hip Hop, Bhangra, Bollywood and more. Ever since they have started out as a group, they have been gaining popularity amongst all kinds of audiences. One can find them on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
The Best Punjabi Dance Group in Jalandhar has taken over YouTube with their endless entertainment videos that feature the best Punjabi dance moves in an array of genres. They are also known for their involvement with charities such as donating the clothes that they wore at their events to those who need it most.

Best Punjabi Dance Group in Jalandhar

It is becoming increasingly difficult to create a list of the best Punjabi Dance Groups in Jalandhar. With so many emerging and reputed talents, it is hard to choose who you think are the best Punjabi Dance Group in Jalandhar. That said, I have managed to create a list of my top three Punjabi Dance Groups in Jalandhar as according to me. They are:
#1: Sangat Da
#2: Babla & Co
#3: Gulls Ragtime Band
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Punjabi dance is a Punjabi folk dance which originated in the Indian state of Punjab. Punjabi dance group in Jalandhar and Amritsar have been the front runners of this dance form and have given some amazing performances.
The Punjabi Dance Group is an association of dancers who try to keep alive the tradition of Punjabi Dance. They organize various events in different parts of India, as well as outside India.
The group offers workshops, participates in exhibitions and holds monthly competitions. Apart from that they also conduct workshop for aspiring beginners to get them introduced to the craft
We can learn more about Punjabi culture from a Punjabi Dance Group in Jalandhar. Punjabi dance is an integral part of the Punjab province's cultural heritage. There are about two dozen traditional dances in Punjab, and most of them are performed to the sound of live music.
Punjabi dance traditionally does not have any restrictions on gender, age or social status. It is mostly done as a form of entertainment for crowds at private and public events, such as weddings or Holi celebrations.
The dancers wear colorful clothing with gold jewelry and make faces to tell a story through their movements and gestures.
Punjabis have a rich tradition of dances which they perform at social gatherings like sangeets, bhandara ceremonies, marriages etc.
A group of young girls, who belong to the untouchable caste, are on a mission to change gender norms in this conservative society.
This is not just another dance group, they are a cultural revolution.
On the outskirts of Jalandhar city there is an old colonial-style train station building which has been turned into a cultural space called Chandigarh Station. In one corner of this space there is a stage and it’s here that Desi Dolls - Punjabi Dance Group in Jalandhar practice every day.